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A Month-of Wedding Coordinator is a popular alternative for couples who did their own planning, but would like a professional to execute the final details. After months of planning, it is truly priceless to have the support of a coordinator in the final month. My primary focus is to provide my clients with a stress-free month while ensuring their wedding day remains true to their vision.

Popular questions:

1. Can I afford a coordinator on my budget?

A coordinator should not be considered a luxury, but an essential part of your wedding budget. My pricing for this package is approximately double a DJ’s fee and half a good photographer’s fee.

2. Can I coordinate my own wedding?

Even if you have planned your wedding day down to the last detail, it is practically impossible to oversee the set-up of each venue and direct the caterer, florist, photographer, DJ, officiant, ceremony musicians, family, guests, and wedding party throughout your wedding day. Every wedding has “glitches”, which is no surprise when you consider how many people: family, wedding party, guests, vendors, and staff are involved. The best way to plan for “glitches” is to have a coordinator to resolve the problems in an efficient and professional manner.

3. Can’t a family or friend coordinate for me?

By asking family or friends to help, you run the risk of them missing much of the wedding, being unable to complete a task as you expected, or lose focus because they get caught up in the wedding festivities.

4. What is the difference between a Day-of-Wedding Coordinator & Month-of-Wedding Coordinator?

A DOC usually get involved a week before the wedding and works with the information you provide them. They are great for moving table arrangement, tying bows, acting as your assistant, and running any errands you ask of them. Where as, a MOC gets involved a month before the wedding. An MOC asks for all of your contracts and organizes the information on to their own customized worksheets. They contact your vendors to confirm commitments and finalize plans, create timelines, and make set up lists for each venue. They will visit the ceremony site and reception site before the wedding day. On the wedding day they will be the first to arrive and they will usually know the “flow” of the day better than the couple.

5. What sets Gloster Hill apart?

Although my services officially start one month prior to the wedding, I recommend hiring me in the early stages of planning. Upon hiring me, I provide my clients with customized Gloster Hill Budget Tracker & Gift Tracker spreadsheets, along with a Gloster Hill Wedding Checklist and other helpful worksheets such as: example invoices for caterers, rentals, florists, DJs, tent companies and forms such as: a timeline spreadsheet and vendor contact & wedding party contact spreadsheets. All of which help to ensure your planning process is organized and efficient.

The Gloster Hill Budget Tracker acts as your very own personal accountant throughout the planning process. Not all budgets are created equal. For example; you might be using your mother’s wedding dress, but want a Sylvia Weinstock cake. For this reason, “cookie cutter” budgets found in wedding planning books, will not work for you. I approach wedding budgeting from a percentage stand point. On a customized spreadsheet, I list all parts of the wedding budget: venue, vendors, attire, decor, etc., after an in depth meeting with the couple I assign each part of the budget a percentage. Once this is done, you simply input your overall budget number and each part of the budget is assigned a monetary amount. Along with the GH Budget Tracker, my clients also receive a GH Gift Tracker Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is great for keeping you organize while writing your Thank You Cards. I recommend the couple hold on to the Gift Tracker spreadsheet for a few years, to refer to as a “gift buying guide” when their friends marry.

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Peonies…. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”. I love thee in a centerpiece, I love thee in a bouquet, I love thee in any arrangement….

Peonies are my favorite bloom. They are lush and full….. by every account stunning!


So if I am talking about flowers and all things pretty, then why is this under a “Practical” post, you ask… Well, for all you upcoming fall brides, Peonies are a spring bloom. Insert a very sad face here! When and if your florist can source peonies in the fall they are expensive and much smaller. But, hope is not lost…  The David Austin Rose has a similar fullness and is just as gorgeous. Check out more David Austin Roses on my Pinterest Wedding Flower Board.


Kristin & Leslie’s engagement shoot, captured by  Twah Dougherty of Style Art Life, is featured on one of my favorite fab wedding blogs, Grey Likes Wedding. I have truly enjoyed working with Kirstin and Leslie on their upcoming wedding this summer. Kristin and Leslie’s wedding, or “best day ever” as she likes to call it, is sure to be one for the books…. or blogs I should say. This lady’s vision is EPIC!!!  The bride’s swoon~worthy story is below…..K+L

Leslie and I met when he was actually my intern at Ken Sunshine’s PR firm (Sunshine Sachs). We had a great relationship at the time and I remember the exact moment and place where I thought to myself that I was going to date this guy. As fast as that thought came it faded and shortly after, I moved on to another job. It wasn’t until a year later that we reconnected when we randomly ran into each other. At our first date, Leslie told me about a surf trip to Costa Rica that he and his best friend would be taking in two weeks and said I should come. I’m sure he was very surprised when I called him the next morning and asked him if he was serious because I had already found my flights. I may have crashed the boys’ trip but we all had an awesome time. When we got back Leslie and I started officially dating and the rest is history.

Our engagement happened five years later. One day we decided to take a last minute trip to Thailand and in two months, we were on a plane headed halfway around the world. Our trip was so spontaneous that I was booking some of our hotel rooms from the airport. So I never imagined that Leslie had another plan. We took a boat excursion to the area that inspired the movie “The Beach”. We spent the day hiking, snorkeling, and swimming. It was magical. The last part of our trip was kayaking. We kayaked to a deserted beach. There was not a person in sight. When Leslie got down on one knee I couldn’t believe it. My first response was “Are you kidding?!” He wasn’t kidding and we can’t wait for the rest of our new adventure to begin……


As a wedding planner and stylist, the most important tool I use when planning a wedding is a style board! I create a custom style board for all my clients with the Full Planning Package. Clients can email me images from various sites and image searches. After discussing themes, colors, mood, formality, wish lists, dislikes, flowers, attire, menu, desserts, favors, signature cocktails, photo booths, decor, etc., I designed a style board bringing all the ideas/concepts together in a cohesive image. The first style board below was created during the early stages of planning, and the second board are photos of Angela & Marvin’s Wedding.

Another perk of a style board is communicating your vision to vendors. My friends at Bella Flowers were able to create the ceremony arbor and centerpieces exactly as my clients wanted with little guidance, other than their style board. The “petal drop” they installed on the arbor worked perfectly! Many thanks, Bella!

The grey linen and gold accents changed little from the planning stage to the actual wedding. We did decide to go with brighter pink flowers than originally planned. The bride knew she wanted something a bit “more” than the standard escort cards. She originally contemplated a large mirror, but went with adorable little boxes instead. The dessert/favor table with pink cake pops on a shimmering gold tablecloth translated beautifully from the planning stage.

A+M Style BoardA+M~ Real Wedding